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The Gold Gift Boxset 1-3: Gold Gift Series

885 pages14 hours


THE GOLD GIFT SERIES **A story about the dark side of the art world from a real expert in the art world, Bestselling Author Lucy Branch as featured on Radio 4, The BBC World Service; Timeout Magazine **


What Happens When The Golden Illuminati Think You Have Potential ?

Abigail Argent stands out: some admire her lean figure and beautiful dark
eyes, others notice that she always wears gloves and shudder when they know
why. The ones that know her best notice her ability with metal.

Her particular skill lies in the colouring of sculpture. She has a gift for
seeing the beauty in a plain piece of metal and being able to draw it out.
With a background in chemistry, Abigail's knowledge of her craft is
academic as well as practical, which is how she makes a chance discovery of
a link between her own craft and that of her favourite childhood myth: the
ancient art of alchemy.

But danger is lurking where the worlds of art and myth collide.

And Abigail piques the interest of one of the world's oldest secret

Set in Venice and Florence, Abigail must draw on all her practical knowhow
to keep herself alive,when she comes to the attention of The Golden

*** If you like a conspiracy theory that walks the line between myth and
science, you'll love A Rarer Gift Than Gold.***


The Golden Illuminati are biding their time, but they have plans for
Abigail Argent.

Handsome architect, Robert Fitzpatrick is one of their members. When he
offers Abigail help, she's suspicious. But Abigail is struggling to
reconnect with her elusive gift, and Robert offers her the only thing that
could persuade her to give him a chance.

Characters old and new come together to help Abigail and protect her from
the most formidable secret society in history, but The Golden Illuminati
aren't her only problem.

With a new threat hanging over her, Abigail tries to focus on deepening her
strange relationship with metal, whilst bonds with others begin to spin out
of control.

Can Abigail avoid the clutches of The Golden Illuminati and master her

Desires collide in this art and alchemy thriller: Rust Upon My Soul.


Francesca Milliardo sees something she wasn't meant to see.

Her dreams of making a big splash as a contemporary artist are on the line
if she's read the situation wrong.

Worst still, her father seems to be involved.

As Francesca searches for truth, her persistent migraines are beginning to
run riot.

Some of her symptoms are morphing and she's starting to wonder if there's
more to the pain than a pill can cure.

Her father's handsome assistant is a welcome distraction from the confusion
of her life, but can he save her from the dangers that lurk?

Or, could he, too, be part of them?

Francesca doesn't know whom to trust or what to do.

It's time for her to make some hard choices

Believe in the people she loves or bet her beloved career on a mystery
that's rooted in myth.

'A fast-paced mystery with a hint of supernatural and a dash of romance -
Girl in A Golden Cage is a standalone story that introduces a new character
into the Gold Gift Series.'


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