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Volume 1 Of 5: Mutant Animals And Mystic Plants (a Short Introduction). Oppressed Animals And Plants Are Ready With Their Response!: THE FINAL SHOWDOWN ON EARTH, #1

107 pages1 hour


This is the 1st volume of a 5 volume series. The fiercest of battles involving animals, humans, mystic powers and insidious villains is here. The 1st volume raises the curtains and introduced the furious 10 guardians of the ancient Zanuba jungle. Oppressed and killed animals and plants have waited for last 3 centuries to end the oppression raged by humans.
The ancient Zaroha jungle and its guardians are introduced along with all knowledge bearing Babel. Good and Evil primordial powers are introduced in this volume-1. 
This novel uses storytelling to brings out basic philosophy on different contemporary problems.

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