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A Crash of Symbols: Mer'edrynn, #2

433 pages6 hours


The Adammites have invaded Mer'edrynn and established themselves in Elvinhaeme and Segantium, led by the influential Mordecai von Adamm. Somehow he sways the hearts and minds of young men and dissension is rife. Treachery is everywhere, even within King Alexis' own court. The Merrievian world is dying.

Few can oppose such an army, but - to quote Amber - 'if you wish to remove a major threat, go to the source and destroy it'.

Our four young friends and lovers search for a commando unit to seek out von Adamm sitting smugly and securely at the mighty - and impregnable - fortress of Draecastle and remove him.

It is a long journey; new friends, new adventures, danger around every corner … and a probable suicide mission at the end?

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