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Unforseeable - 3 Book Box Set

672 pages9 hours



Alexa Cross must confront her past to save her family from an extraordinary force of evil.  Haunted or not, the Wellington Manor radiates danger and Alexa can only to her strongest — and most irresistible — ally. Helping Alexa is Marshall Chisholm's top priority. He must erase her fear…and replace it with white-hot desire. But the closer they get, the more mysterious she becomes…


When a mystery woman with a gleam in her eye and trouble on her mind hops on the back of Logan Chisholm's Harley, he thinks he's in for a wild ride. But Jennifer “JJ” Blythe James might be more than he bargained for. Desperately trying to escape her past, JJ's defences are up. She doesn't want the cowboy's protection, but Logan knows there is a killer on her trail. It's the only way that Logan's beloved songbird will sing to another day.


Dakota Lansing always kept her distance from Zane Chisholm, the cowboy with a bad reputation. But her family secrets are threatened and she's afraid it means dealing with the Chisholm ranch… Targeted by unknown assailants, Zane discovers his mysterious connection to Dakota is bigger than suspected — the feisty beauty is more than his match and becoming harder to resist. With time running out, should go along for the ride?

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