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One Night In...Madrid - 3 Book Box Set, Volume 4

552 pages


Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife by Kate Walker

Raul Esteban has always wanted Alannah. But she rejected him, and now the proud Spanish aristocrat is determined that she will pay for her mistake – with her body!

Raul mistakenly believes Alannah is no longer a naïve girl – until one night of passion proves he has taken her virginity! Now Raul will do whatever it takes to keep her at his mercy…

The Spaniard's Defiant Virgin by Jennie Lucas

Marcos Ramirez has been planning his retribution for the Winter it's time. Marcos will take Tamsin and destroy her family. But Tamsin isn't the hedonistic society girl he expected. And it's then that Marcos realises Tamsin's a virgin, and innocent of all she's been accused of!

The Spanish Duke's Virgin Bride by Chantelle Shaw

Duke Javier Herrera needs a wife in order to inherit his family's banking business. In Grace Beresford, whose father swindled Javier out of millions, Javier can take revenge and a convenient wife. But how long can Grace remain his wife in name only?

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