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Going Postal: The Ups and Downs of Travelling the World on a Postie Bike

288 pages4 hours


'Eat, Pray, Love' meets 'The Long Way Round' in this inspiring adventure story about a man called Nathan, an Australia Post bike called Dot, and everything that happened when they chose the road less travelled. When Nathan Millward learns that he has just twenty days to leave Australia before his visa expires, he has a choice to make: fly home to England on the return ticket he already has, or set off on the adventure of a lifetime riding a decommissioned Australia Post bike across the world. With encouragement from the girl who took him to Australia in the first place, Nathan hits the road. No time for planning or preparation, just go - with nothing more than the gear he can carry on the back of the bike - in a race across the Outback and on to Darwin to catch a cargo boat to East timor. From there it's on, riding the road to England at an average speed of sixty-five kilometres an hour, through jungles and over mountain passes, on mud roads and dirt highways. Will man and machine make it? And what happens with the girl? Going Postal has it all: foreign cultures, wrong turns, the kindness of strangers and the bittersweet trials of love. By turns funny, poignant and inspiring, it will have every reader asking themself: if you put your mind to it, what can you achieve?

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