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Not-So-Perfect Princess/From Daredevil To Devoted Daddy

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Not–So–Perfect Princess by Melissa McClone

Dutiful Princess Julianna has a secret– she's actually happiest make–up–free, sailing with the sea breeze in her hair. Her attraction to rebel Prince Alejandro is instant– but her intended is his brother, the proper–but–dull Enrique!

For the first time, Julianna's feeling irresistibly tempted, and soon she's spending her nights sailing with gorgeous Alejandro. But she'll have to choose– remain the perfect princess, or follow her heart and stop sleepwalking her way through life

From Daredevil To Devoted Daddy by Barbara McMahon

Since the cliffs surrounding her Mediterranean home claimed her husband's life, Jeanne–Marie Rousseau has been a single mum to her young son Alexandre. She keeps her heart well guarded– until the handsome Matthieu Sommer arrives at her cosy B&B.

Matt's sense of fun enchants Alexandre and reminds Jeanne–Marie how to smile, but surely this daredevil will soon move onto the next adventure? She doesn't dare hope that Matt might be ready for a whole new challenge– a family!

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