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No Place Like Home/Zane: The Wild One/Quade: The Irresistible One/A Tempting Engagement

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Zane: The Wild One

Everything Julia Goodwin had ever wanted was right here in the quiet little town of Plenty. At least, that was what she thought, until Zane O'Sullivan came home – and rocked her peaceful world to its foundations…

Yet he wasn't the same black–leather–and–denim bad boy who'd haunted her dreams in high school. This Zane  was very much a man. But what would become of their growing love when he learned about the child their out–of–control passion had brought into being?

Quade: The Irresistible One

Chantal Goodwin had always had an unsuspected weakness for Cameron Quade. And now that he was back in town, she discovered a single glance still made her ache like the lovesick schoolgirl she'd once been.

But Chantal was a woman now, one could take what she wanted – and what she wanted was a single shattering night of passion with Cameron. She told herself she could still watch him walk away, but that was before she learned about the consequences of their passionate night…

A Tempting Engagement

The last time Mitch Goodwin had seen Emily Warner, she was crawling out of his bed, and then out of his life. Six months later he was begging her to resume her job as his son's nanny. But what, exactly, had happened that night…?

Seeing Mitch and his little boy again reminded Emily how it felt to want what she couldn't have. But resisting the sexy single dad was impossible. There was only one solution: see if the fantasy lived up to the reality…

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