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One-Night Alibi/Navy Orders

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One–Night Alibi by Kara Lennox

That one steamy night Elizabeth Downey spent with Hudson Vale was the same night her estranged father was murdered. Now they are the prime suspects.

Forced to work together to clear their names, Elizabeth and Hudson must deal with their wildly different approaches. Racing to untangle a web of deceit, not only do their lives depend on finding the truth, but so does the passion burning between them.

Navy Orders by Geri Krotow

Naval Lieutenant Commander Roanna Brandywine doesn't trust anyone the way she used to. But when a chance encounter brings Chief Warrant Officer Miles Mikowski into her life, she's intrigued.

Miles has had his own share of trauma, but it's taught him that life is short and he has to go after what's important to him. Ordered to investigate a sailor's suicide, the real question is whether there's trust between them...and maybe even love?

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