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Janus Trap

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The quest for Earth's domination remains the primary directive of an ancient, inhuman enemy. Challenging this alien bid for iron rule, an elite force led by former magistrates wages war against Earth's enslavers. These rebel commandos are resourceful, dedicated and possess the immutable human willpower to survive--by any means necessary....

The Original Tribe, technological shamans with their own agenda of domination, challenged Cerberus once before and lost. Now their greatest assassin, the Broken Ghost, manipulates the rebel stronghold's technology after a secret attack, trapping the original Cerberus warriors in a matrix of unreality and altering protocols so that their doppelganger counterparts invade the redoubt unnoticed. As the Broken Ghost destabilizes Earth's greatest defense force from within, the true warriors struggle to regain a foothold back to the only reality that offers survival....

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