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Unauthorized Passion And Intimate Knowledge - 2 Book Box Set

320 pages6 hours


Unauthorized Passion

Jack Fury had been watching Celeste Fortune, waiting for the right moment, the right coincidentally meet her to save her from a killer. But there was something he didn't know about the sexy Celeste...she was an imposter!

Cassie Boudreaux had been impersonating her glamorous cousin Celeste while she was on the lam. For Cassie, who lived a safe, nondescript life in a small town, it was the chance of a lifetime –– adventure and excitement as Celeste. But she didn't bargain on a sexy protector like Jack or a killer in pursuit. Fortunately, with her new identity came new freedom –– and she'd need Celeste's entire feminine arsenal to outsmart one man and seduce another.

Intimate Knowledge

A benign business trip to Mexico turns sinister when one man turns up dead and another –– impossibly –– returns in the flesh! Penelope Moon couldn't believe her eyes when she saw her fiance, Simon Decker, a man who had been languishing in a coma for months, on board a passing yacht with a man who would die within hours. But this Simon wasn't the kindly accountant she'd fallen in love with, who knew her intimately as though he'd read a brief on her needs and desires. This man was altogether different. Tougher, stronger –– sexier than she'd known. And she secretly liked it.

Soon Penelope found herself drawn into a deadly conspiracy involving an illegal pharmaceutical and border infiltration. More than just her wedding was at stake. But would her heart end up as collateral damage...?

Matchmakers Underground –– Coincidences... Chance encounters... It's what one Houston, Texas, firm specializes in. Who knows what lies around the next corner...

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