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Friends To Lovers

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Friends to lovers?

Living with the Cupid of Blue Falls, Texas – her aunt, Verona – Elissa Mason should be married and pregnant by now. Or so her friends tease. But Elissa's baby is Paradise Garden, the family nursery she's turned into a success. Following a devastating tornado, she has to rebuild and nothing's going to distract her. Not even her strange, new feelings for neighbour–turned–roommate Pete Kayne.

Deputy Sheriff Pete Kayne understands having a dream and doesn't want to get in Elissa's way. Especially after the tornado has taken his house, his truck, everything but his horse and his friends. All he's got left to share is his heart. Pete has his own ambition – to join the ultimate in law enforcement – the Texas Rangers. Elissa was his friend. That would have to be enough…

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