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Fortune's Cinderella/Made For Marriage

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Fortune's Cinderella by Karen Templeton

Scott Fortune was a Vice President. A man of action. A man not used to feeling powerless. But in one terrifying moment, a freak tornado left Scott trapped beneath the rubble. Fate had stranded him with quirky, unforgettable Christina Hastings, and in those death–defying moments, the wealthy bachelor fell in love.

A snack–bar waitress with a heartbreaking past, Christina knew better than to believe in fairy tales. Happy endings just didn't happen to a girl like her – especially with a man like Scott. Yet she was finding it harder and harder to resist the Southern gentleman's many charms…

Made For Marriage by Helen Lacey

Equestrian Callie Jones was used to difficult parents at her riding school…but Noah Preston took the cake! How dare he question her teaching abilities after his headstrong daughter paid no attention to rules: her teacher's or her father's!

Single dad Noah was ready to apologise for overreacting, but he wasn't sorry for the way the stunning American riding instructor made him feel. He soon learned that there was a shattered heart beneath her smarts and sass. Could he make her see that he – and his family – were for keeps?

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