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Once We Were

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In this riveting sequel to What's Left of Me, Addie and Eva struggle to share their body as they each fall in love with a different person, but it is their rebellion against the government that may tear them apart forever. After escaping imprisonment in the Nornand facility, Addie and Eva are taken in by a hybrid underground movement. From the other hybrids, the girls discover that one of them can disappear at a time to give the other some much-needed privacy. Eva is thrilled at the chance to be with Ryan, the boy she's fallen in love with, guilt-free...until she wakes up in the arms of someone other than Ryan. As the girls quarrel over their shared body and pull away from one another, Eva is drawn further into a splinter group battling for hybrid freedom. But how far are they willing to go to fight for what is right? When Addie learns of the group's real intnetions, she must convince Eva of the truth before it is too late.Dealing with both inner and outer turmoil, the second novel in the Hybrid Chronicles delves deeper into the search for identity, independence, and love.

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