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Chasing Colton's Tail: Todd and Colton, #1

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Todd is an athletic raccoon, and he's just celebrated his eighteenth birthday in style. In the final seconds of a high school basketball game, Todd buried the winning three point score, and now the team are going to throw him the party to end all others. Even his father attends, determined to hook him up with a girlfriend. Todd has a secret though: he's gay, and the fox he desires just threw Todd's party invitation in his face.

Colton is one of Sekada High's troublemakers. Often suspended and always in trouble with the police, he's also about to graduate at the top of honours classes. The handsome fox is set on becoming a pilot, but his bad attitude is likely to destroy any chance he has. Unless someone can help him sort his problems out.

Curious about what's behind Colton's bad behaviour and unable to stop desiring him, Todd is determined to find Colton's good side, but he's up against a lot. Colton guards his secrets with a violent temper and a gift for winning fights. Can Todd help him before he destroys his life and takes others with him?

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