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Gaia School of Awakening: Book One: The Secret Realm, #1

334 pages4 hours


Earth's pollution is destroying its twin realm, Alpha. 
It may already be too late ...

Determined Andréa Ramirez: An athlete from Argentina, ends up in America after her family's farm burns down. All she ever dreamed of was becoming the fastest Latina runner in the world. 

Intuitive Cora O'Neil: An academic genius, future entrepreneur, and an activist with Friends of Earth-Ireland, has dreams of saving the world through green industry.

Charming TJ Washington: A street-wise teen, working to survive and help support his family, is determined to change their impoverished circumstances in N.Y.C.

TJ, Andréa, and Cora are unaware that they carry the indigo gene and are key players in an ancient prophecy. 

During a hurricane, the teens find themselves transported to Earth's twin realm, Alpha, where life as they knew it is gone forever. To get back home, they have to learn to navigate their new environment while acquiring a substance they know nothing about.  Just how high a cost will each have to pay to get back home?

The journey is just beginning ...

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