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From the Eyes of a Son to the Heart of a Father: Revised Edition: 40 Day Study Guide

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God wants to do a mighty work in the lives of His children. An epidemic of fatherlessness has hit the land with a vengeance, but God has an answer from on High. He says that He will be a father to the fatherless. He will step up and defend the orphan. He made a way through his son, Jesus Christ, to adopt us into the family of God. God is also raising up and anointing spiritual fathers, mothers, mentors, and instructors to fill in the gap left by prodigal dads. These men and women of God will bring forth message of hope and love that we are accepted in the Beloved and challenge us to move beyond flesh to uninhibited relationship with God the Father in and through your spirit via the Holy Spirit.
It is my heart and passion to everyone who has not known the love of a father to experience this great gift through my book, From the Eyes of a Son the Heart of a Father: Passion, Protocol, and Prudence: Revised Edition, and even more personally through this forty-day journey. My hope is that this study guide will be something that you keep with you through out your life and refer to it every now and then when you want to see where the Lord has brought you from or as an encouragement and motivator when you feel distant or off track from your mission.
I have divided the forty days into eight sections that follow the same layout and titles as chapters in the main book. I've also provided a brief excerpt from the part of the chapter I felt led to highlight each day. You will be challenged to forgive, to forget, to release, to let go, to surrender, to pray, to dream, to hope, to trust, and to charge forward with all the Lord has planted in you to do.

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