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Brainology: The Curious Science of Our Minds

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Ever wondered how people cope with 24-hour darkness or if smartphones make children stupid? Have you heard about the US military plan to supercharge minds?

Originally written for the Wellcome charity, these 16 stories explore the mysteries of the human brain. Learn about everything from the science of pain to virtual reality surgery to the therapeutic quality of LSD and ecstasy.


Ouch! The science of pain Why doctors are reclaiming LSD and ecstasy Inside the mind of an interpreter How should we deal with dark winters? Smartphones won’t* make your kids dumb (*Probably) You can train your mind into ‘receiving’ medicine Charting the phenomenon of deep grief The mirror cure for phantom limb pain Can you think yourself into a different person? How to survive a troubled childhood What tail-chasing dogs reveal about humans A central nervous solution to arthritis Could virtual reality headsets relieve pain? What it means to be homesick in the 21st Century Lighting up brain tumours with Project Violet The US military plan to supercharge brains

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