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Malachi, Ripley's Awakening

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Standing in the hallway to the kitchen was a boy that had accompanied him on his journey to collect the wood. There was something different about him even though his friend beckoned him. Kyle remained steadfast near his barricade and motioned for the boy to join him. Kyle couldn't figure out what it was that made him uneasy. Something seemed out of place and he wanted to stay close to his protection if things went wrong. The young man stepped towards Kyle and entered the kitchen. The kitchen was built towards the rear of the house and didn't have much light penetrating it from the windows. It remained darker even with full sunlight. The boy approached the kitchen and Kyle immediately notice what was making him uneasy. The young man's eyes started to glint as he stared at Kyle. “Your eyes!" Kyle shouted as he started to raise his weapon. The beast stopped and stared at its prey. What happened next caused fear to creep through Kyle. The metamorphosis of a young boy into a predator.

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