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Vuel Vuelessa of Centium

833 pages11 hours


Predictive, Erotic Sci Fi Will beauty and desire be enough to influence an entire planet? Advanced weapons surely will. Aeia helped save vuel from the Intempla beings. She must use her charisma to inspire the vuelen (men) of Centium to defend vuel against raiding hordes that destroy villages and enslave the villagers.
The red gods that govern vuel take Kregt and Eloe aboard their orbiting city to give them universal knowledge that will create a vuelan industrial revolution.
Newly trained vuelessa Loee stops an attacking horde with her body, then joins the horde. She is sent to the horde master who uses her to inspire and lead the corsair armada sailing to attack the Great Bay villages.
Renzt, a teamster hauling advanced weapons, buys the enslaved vuelessa Era. They set out to kill every horde raider they find.
Fantastic character images by artist JohnGate2014
Sent to Earth telepathically, these stories are told by the vuelans themselves, who are experiencing... VUEL -compatible with E Readers

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