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Marketing Machine: The Secret History of the Future of Marketing (R O I)

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Marketing should be as simple as putting money into the marketing side of the machine and watching revenue spurt out the other side. But if your brand isn’t what you’d like it to be, if your consumer’s purchase cycle is complex or long lasting, or if your products and services don’t lend themselves to being purchased online, you already know it’s not that easy. Guy R. Powell, founder and president of ProRelevant, explores four critical dimensions that businesses must master to become best in class and stay best in class: • needs to be a machine. • needs to be agile. • needs to be prepared for the future. • must own the future. As marketing expands in complexity with more and more online and offline media choices, marketers must still deliver the highest revenue for the least cost with the highest level of certainty. Build the right measurement infrastructure and leverage the best information possible to profitably grow your business with Marketing Machine.

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