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Josh Wilcox Is Dead

220 pages2 hours


Twenty-eight year old Josh Wilcox is king; at least in his own mind. The youngest son of the area’s richest, most powerful man, his father’s social and economic status has given Josh everything he’s ever wanted. But Josh has a dark side to him, a very dark side. A lot of people have grown tired of Josh’s arrogance and abuse of his social status, but no one has done anything about it...until now. When someone finally takes matters into their own hands and murders him, very few people are upset. In fact, most are outright happy.
Veteran detective Bryant Maxwell and his new partner, Curt Tobin, are tasked with finding the killer. Unfortunately for them, Josh has crossed many people over the years and the detectives find no shortage of suspects. As their investigation slowly reveals the sordid history of Josh Wilcox, they encounter a multitude of people from the past of a man who was very easy to hate.

WARNING: This book discusses sexual assault. Reader discretion is advised.

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