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Overcome Neck and Mid-Back Pain: Learn the 5 Methods Experts Don’t Want You to Know About

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Are you trapped by neck or mid-back pain? Does pain keep you from doing what you love? Does the cost of seeking care for pain management prevent you from getting help? Do you try to self-treat with little improvement? In this book, Dr. Jason D. Drivere describes the common causes of neck and mid-back pain and how to achieve relief with self-care options, including: • understanding the basics of pain • the role posture plays in relation to pain • proper ergonomics during daily activities and resting • use of spinal orthotics to help stretch tight ligaments and soft tissues • corrective exercises to improve range of motion and muscular stabilization • effective dietary supplements to reduce inflammation and sensitivity to pain • mind-body exercises and their role in helping brain manage pain. This book discusses ways to regain your life with simple methods you can do at home. Learn to control your pain rather than letting your pain control you and start feeling well again.

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