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Shitty But Frankly — 3. Piotr Ioberoff

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This is 13 % of one not big book with funny, yet cynical or indecent poetry, this time only in English. The whole book is my super-new product and contains verses from invented authors all around the world, they are 7, with by 7 pieces called Myrskets, what are sonnet-like things, plus by one miniature, and some Appendix by me, but here is only one of the authors. Having in mind that I usually publish big books, about 1 MB pure text, it is naturally to ask, why now I have decided to publish such small morsels. So one reason is to allow the good Lulu-ians to win something through their hosting costs, because my “win” here is 0.00 US$. But the more important is to TEASE you, my eventual readers, because I have published more than /50/ ebooks here, where 1/3 are in English, and you don’t give a damn about this! On the other hand 99 cents for about 110 poetical lines plus funny presentation is a fair offer. Still, I also will congratulate myself 7 times for my /soixante neuf/ years.

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