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Halloween Is Not A Verb

76 pages53 minutes


Young Aussie witches Hebe and Holly Hallow are bringing their friends home to meet their mums for Halloween! What terrible life choices will Sage and Jules make around the bonfire? Why is Ferd flipping out about poetry? What’s with all the butternut pumpkins?
Epic friendship and festive shenanigans with the magical students from Belladonna University.


There was NO WAY I could stop reading [Unmagical Boy Story]! I devoured it all within a day because it was so smart and sharp and spiky and magical and joyfully full of heart and humor. I loooooove the abrasive, prickly heroine, Viola Vale; I loved the magical university setting, the characters, the fandoms, the friendship arcs and even the unexpected touch of romance. I loved every minute of it.

Stephanie Burgis, author of The Dragon With the Chocolate Heart

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