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Pure Romance Collection Part Three

64 pages53 minutes


Pure Romance Collection Part Three
4 Sweet Romance Short Stories.

Please note that each of these stories can be bought as a standalone separate story.

Total word count 14,866.

Zoe is having no luck at all on the dating scene. Thinking of the cause of all her relationship woes she is confronted with a truth that she does not want to acknowledge. That her single status is all because she is in love with her handsome and charismatic roommate Tom.

The Long Crush
Stacy has held a crush ever since her teen years for Jason, her brother’s best friend. But with no definite signs that her affections are reciprocated, she has given up on any hope of Jason seeing her as anything more than his best mate’s little sister.
Well, that was until she spends a short time living all alone with Jason, which does not allow either one of them any place to hide from each other or their inner feelings.

The Blind Date
Meghan turns up at a fancy restaurant reluctant to meet her blind date. However, she is pleasantly surprised to find Dean, a handsome, charismatic business owner introducing himself to her. But just when she thinks her evening may not go quite as bad and awkward as she anticipated, of all the people to show their face who should walk into the very same restaurant that she and Dean are sitting in but her ex-boyfriend along with his new girlfriend?!

Meghan believes that her date could not get any worse. But she may just have underestimated Dean and his abilities to save their evening from disaster.

Inviting Mr Scrooge For Christmas

When Cynthia’s handsome boss James reveals his intention to spend the festive season all alone, she knows she must do something immediately. Cynthia sees it as her duty to show James just how great Christmas can be.
However unbeknownst to Cynthia her attempt to regain the Christmas spirit within James will also bring them closer together.

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