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Roarke's Wisdom: The Last Dragon (Book Four of the Hagenspan Chronicles)

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Hagenspan was a mythic land that once existed in our own world--nearest estimates place it somewhere in the north Atlantic, perhaps during the Middle Ages. Apparently one of the last bastions for creatures from the Old World, its shores were haunted by memories of dwarfs and fairies, kobolds and trolls, giants and dragons. The tales of Hagenspan recount the days when humankind had nearly, but not quite, forgotten those other folk, who were diminishing as it had been decreed. The Hagenspan Chronicles are a bittersweet recounting of the world that once was; sometimes whimsical, sometimes heroic, sometimes heart-rending.

The Last Dragon is the fourth book of The Hagenspan Chronicles, concluding the cycle known as Roarke’s Wisdom. In it we find the sad and desperate tale of the Defenders of Solemon as they fight the last dragon of the land, and how the few that remain are cheered and emboldened by the arrival of Lord Roarke to lead them. We read about the plans of the king, the contributions of the mighty and the weak, and especially the acts of Roarke, Will, and Hollie as they bring about the end of the evil that threatens the whole land.

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