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Length: 421 pages7 hours


Cole and Aileen had the love of a lifetime. Together since high school, everyone around them believed their love would last forever - that is, until one day Cole suddenly left Aileen, brokenhearted and pregnant. Since then, Aileen had been trying to put her life together with her little girl, Amelia.

She found a job, an apartment big enough for a mother and her daughter, and a fiance who accepted Amelia as his own. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when Cole comes back merely days before her wedding. Aileen not only realizes that things aren't as simple as she made them out to be, but she also has to make the most important choice of her life, all while an unknown threat is looming behind her.

Should she forgive Cole, or should she let him go and move on from a love she cannot forget?

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