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Catching Noble: Greyriver Shifters Vol. 2, #2

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I left her after one explosive night and I've wanted her ever since.

The one night I spent with Virtue 'Sunny' Grace was meant to be the beginning and end of a story that was never meant to be about love. I took what I wanted, gave her the night of her life, and moved on. She's too sweet, too human, too good for a male like me and yet when Sunny falls into trouble and turns up pregnant, I can't resist another night of passion. This time though, I'm aiming for a lifetime. If she'll have me.


Noble Garrison is a liar and I hate him.

He left me after one night of the most amazing pleasure I have ever had. He took my heart and left behind a little something that is turning out to be more than I can handle. When I find out I'm pregnant and that someone wants me dead the only place I can turn to is Noble. I won't love him though. I can't. He's some sort of shifter, half man, half animal and I really should not want him. I really need to come to my senses and go back to my life, but with the law on my trail, a hit squad licking at my heels and a belly that's growing way too fast, I need him. I want him. 

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