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Hyos, The Sleep Machine

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In a distant future, humankind has colonized Hyos, an empty volcanic planet in the Cygnus constellation. In this futuristic world, people with brain implants live in an underground advanced society and fear mental illness. They cannot sleep normally and are completely dependent on a sleep machine. One day, the sleep machine appears to malfunction and Leda, a young military woman, wakes up during artificial sleep. What will happen next? Ari, an expert on brain implants, is called to investigate the matter. He is one of the few people on Hyos with a neurological disability and is secretly frustrated by his inability to cure himself.  As he tries to understand the sleep machine malfunction, he starts to uncover secrets from the past and has to confront painful memories of his mother's death. What is the real truth about this civilization? Can memories and dreams be suppressed? Can the human brain be controlled? Hyos, the sleep machine is an exciting short read suitable for all ages. 

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