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The Problem with Men

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Fifty-year-old Barb Johnston divorces her cheating husband and moves to bright and lively South America. Adopting a snow-white kitten named Leche and befriending the Latina neighbor women change her life again.

Then, Leche disappears. The tiny kitten barely survived an earlier stray dog attack and Barb fears the worst. She drives to the police station to file a report.

Charming and attractive Inspector Rafael Munoz, initially amused at the gringa's insistence that his staff look for her cat, feels his heart melt and can't say no to the beautiful woman with tears in her eyes.

When he returns the unharmed kitten to Barb's arms and invites her to dinner as payment for his efforts, she reluctantly accepts. She finds him intriguing and far too attractive.

As Barb grows closer to Gabi, Lore, and Elena, she discovers many cultural differences. Struggling with some of these, she feels they are too readily accepted by her new friends and her heart aches at the stories she hears about the women's husbands and their deplorable behavior. She determines to change the status quo the day she learns Elena's dark and horrible secret.

Lore and Elena are too afraid to do anything for fear the situation will escalate. Barb and Gabi, however, hatch a plan. What follows is a comedy of errors.

Will they succeed in changing the men's behavior? Will Barb surrender to Rafael's magnetism? Will their attempts end in further chaos or promote harmony and marital bliss?

"The Problem with Men" is a fictional, sometimes humorous, sometimes gut-wrenching look at some of the cultural issues men and women face today. Laugh and cry with Barb, Gabi, Lore, and Elena as they try to deal with their clueless men.

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