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Tory Roof

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Tory Roof

Length: 353 pages5 hours


What happens when a smart, practical, modern woman begins to doubt herself because something unexplainable has occurred? Tory Roof is her story – an account of love and adventure that challenges Sarah Sutherland’s marriage and pits logic against longing. In trying to sell a vintage home, Sarah encounters Terrence, a fiery Revolutionary War agitator who is posing as a Loyalist. Drawn to him physically and emotionally, she slips into her former self, becoming a resister, writer, and soon-to-be mother. Parallel plots unfold in the course of year, interweaving Sarah's contemporary life with true events that took place in 1765. Struggling to reconcile her two realities, and compelled to complete a mission in the past, she turns to a psychiatrist for help but gradually learns that the people around her are not as they seem. As a result, she discovers that her life is in danger in both realms -- and is determined to save herself twice.

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