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Tory Roof

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Tory Roof is a woman’s story – a lush, unfolding account that pits logic against longing. Sarah Sutherland didn’t go looking for the adventure that engulfed her. She was a modern woman -- a mom and real estate agent, who accepted her routine life -- until she encountered a fiery Revolutionary War agitator in a vintage home she was selling. Rather than fear him, she was drawn to him physically and emotionally. Soon she found herself embroiled in the fight for independence with a passion she had long forgotten. Parallel story lines evolve and accelerate, autumn to autumn, connecting 1765 with the present day. As Sarah struggles to co-exist in both realms, she learns that the people around her are not as they seem and that her life is in danger. In time, she discovers why she was chosen for an escape most women could only imagine.

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