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Holiday Promises: The Acorn Hills Series, #6

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Felicia Worthington, Dean of Coral Knoll Community College, is the daughter of one of the most financially elite families in Acorn Hills. Not only is she smart, but also beautiful, and the youngest woman to serve as Dean at CKCC. Her heavy work schedule doesn't permit her to do much, especially date...that is until she runs into Alex.

Alex Halloran, Jillian's older son, was a big jerk in high school. He was the super sports jock all the girls wanted. Dating Felicia Worthington turned out to be quite the feather in Alex's cap, until Felicia left for college and his own selfish choices drove an irreparable wedge between them.

Receiving his business degree, Alex returns to his hometown,working many dead end jobs. Years pass before he and Felicia meet again, but when they do, they realize the spark is still there pushing them to resurrect what they once had.

In Holiday Promises, book 6 of The Acorn Hills Series, will Fate allow Alex and Felicia a second chance? What could possibly stand in their way of a happy ever after?

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