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A New Beginning: old west novel

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Her father died and left her his ranch…


Eliza’s world is turned upside down when her father passes away, leaving her his huge ranch and everything in it.

Determined to make this her new start, Eliza struggles to be taken seriously as she learns how to run the Martin Ranch. No-one seems willing to help her, not least the main ranch manager, Dave. The only thing she has is a pail of fresh milk on her doorstep every night, with no idea who is leaving it there.

When Dave begins to make things difficult for Eliza, Christopher battles to find the courage he needs to stand up for her. He has no intention of falling for her, no matter how much he admires her, but a meeting in the dark changes all of that.

Will Eliza be able to force Dave to leave? Will Christopher be strong enough to defend her? Or will Dave have his way, and get his hands on the ranch he’s always wanted?

A New Beginning is an old west novel, set in the heart of Texas. If you like historic fiction, strong female characters and just a touch of romance, then you'll love this new western novel!

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