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Glory in the Flower

540 pages7 hours


The granddaughters of a powerful evangelist, sisters Kate and Mia walk very different paths.

Kate’s living a golden life, happily married to the loving, dynamic Ollie. Her joy only increases when she discovers she’s expecting a baby. But her idyll is shattered with a shocking, impossible diagnosis, and her marriage is turned on edge. Facing the reality of being HIV-positive and pregnant, along with the gossip and suspicion rising up from her community, Kate’s normally-unshakeable faith soon wavers.

Mia lost her trust in a loving God long ago. Caught in a downward spiral, fueled by anger and futile longing, she makes a grasping attempt at redemption with the help of Gabriel, a gospel singer with dark secrets of his own. Faced with yet another betrayal, Mia sees no way out.

As the family draws together in the aftermath of Mia’s final, horrifying attempt to end her own pain, they must confront their own secrets, and see the weaknesses
they’ve ignored for too long. In the end, everyone must decide what it means to trust God through suffering and lay their lives at the foot of the Cross.

A stunning debut by new author Karen Elizabeth Hann, Glory in the Flower is a raw confrontation of human nature, human frailty, and faith amidst the loss of innocence. Available where ebooks are sold.

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