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The Long Road Home

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When Charlotte left Charlotte North Carolina and Nashville behind, she knew exactly where she wanted to go. Going back home to where she felt normal again was the game plan. Reliving her high school heartbreak wasn't. She saw an old friend who revealed that she was always his crush, and ended up heartbroken all over again. She had almost given up until she found the guy she'd been looking for all along.

Caleb had been trying since the first day they met to get Charlotte's attention. Even when he helped her pack up her life into the bed of her truck, he was trying to make her see what he'd wanted her to all along. One kiss before her drive home was just the tip of the iceberg. He was getting her in his life no matter what it took.

Grayson had a crush on Charlotte since high school and he wasn't about to let the chance pass him by. She was standing her ground, but he wanted her and no wasn't something he could accept.

When the Long Road Home seems too broken....

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