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Real-Time Programmer

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The job of a computer programmer sounds dull. A programmer its in a computer lab and deals with machines.
Well, from time to time, he has to deal with company politics, hackers, spies, computer manuals that are mostly fiction and maybe even advanced civilization aliens..
All of the work is without overtime pay.

This is the story of a working real-time computer programmer.
It's maybe a little dull, except that he manages to out politic the politicians within his company.
Well, the guy then gets called to Washington D.C. and he gets involved with spies, hackers and a sexy female security agent.
With the Washington D.C. Problem solved, the guy then figures a plan to use to hackers to achieve worthwhile goals.
Then he gets involved in a court case, involving computers. He turns the trial into a circus, with the help of a Navy JAG.
Then, he gets snared by a foreign spy hottie. The government worries about the possibility of blackmail, until the guy offers edited blu-ray discs of the action at quite reasonable prices. Along the way any number of foreign spies get nabbed.
The guy is then summoned by the government to deal with powerful aliens who want back computers that Earth has salvaged from a wrecked flying saucer. The government wants to keep an alien computer. The guy wants to obtain more alien computers.
The guy has succeeded in most of his aims, however, a new situation looms.

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