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A Fake Boyfriend For Christmas

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~ It'd seemed so easy when she'd planned this. She'd hire a boyfriend, make sure he understood the story she'd concocted, and they'd pretend to be a couple for two weeks. Nothing could go wrong with that as long as they had a mutual understanding first. ~

Carley Schaeffer ran from home at age nineteen, trying to escape a bad memory. Now twenty-four, she's returning for Christmas. But there's a problem. She's spent all that time creating a boyfriend who doesn't exist.

He's perfect, successful, smart, and kind. He's also sexy, with a heart-stopping smile and two sky-blue eyes. But maybe she's over-dramatized him a bit. Because now, her mom wants to meet him. Not possible.

Or is it? She could hire someone. One fake boyfriend to smile and act real for two weeks, a couple gifts she's purchased in advance, and she'll make it through Christmas with her lie intact. Except, she didn't count on her imposter being Brice Vaneck or a miracle changing her heart.

A sweet Christmas novella sharing the romance of the season by best-selling author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS. 22,000 words.

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