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Precarious Endeavors

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In “Skydiving”, Mikey is a nervous newlywed that is terrified of heights who wants to gain the confidence to make his new wife happy by jumping out of a plane and make their honeymoon a success.
“The Fall” follows two siblings Emma and Michael as they hike up a dangerous hiking trail. Along the way they fall in a hole and get trapped together Emma gets hurt and can’t walk and it’s up to Michael to find a way out. But will he risk losing this chance to connect with his sister or find them a way out?
Michaël struggles in “One Year Left” with telling his husband and daughter a devastating prognosis. But after he made a decision that will alter their reality forever. He must decide if he wants to tell them the horrifying news or let them live peacefully without knowing.
In “S.O.S” Eddy and Eliza are climbing up the side of an icy mountain and face a life-threatening situation when Eddy gets hit by falling ice. It’s up to Eliza to find a way to call for help before her brother dies.
Micah comes home to find his family unconscious. When the intruder Wagner tells him of the betrayals his wife committed he gets faced with the decision of dying or letting her die in “Matrimony”.
Danilo Capo is tasked to save the world in “Reconstruction”. He is asked to make a serum to give men the ability to give birth when women can no longer give birth. It is up to him to decide if he will break his moral code or save the humans race.

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