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Miss Lucy's Barefoot Boys

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Morris and Gib are best friends.  Together, they enter their school's barefoot contest sponsored by the school principal.  The setting of the story takes place in Norfolk, Virginia at a local beach near Ocean View  School.  This fictional story about friendship and perseverance is loosely based on actual events.  There really was a barefoot contest at Ocean View School started during the Great Depression by the school's principal, Miss Lucy Mason Holt.  The contest remained in existence, until 1951, the year when Miss Holt retired.  This book was written as a tribute to Miss Lucy Mason Holt, who was best remembered for encouraging students to come to school barefooted; since many parents could not afford to buy shoes for their children.  Those students who completed the contest were given one dollar and with that dollar could buy a pair of shoes.  However, regardless of one's income, all students were allowed to enter the contest.  Some entered to win the prize money, while others entered it for the challenge.

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