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Red River Run

300 pages3 hours


An old demon has come to haunt Maya Colebrook, the famous psychic medium from Caldwell, Montana. The memories of her parents and her dark childhood have returned, only creating more questions than answers of who she is.
The death of a young woman with a pentagram tattoo creates a stir when Lizzy’s fingerprint is found at the crime scene. Is her best friend really dead? Doubt followed by lies and betrayal have Maya questioning her abilities.
As her relationship with Tucker, the handsome cowboy deputy, grows, so does her need to tell him everything. How long can she force her secrets stay secrets? Who can she trust when anyone could be the “organization”?

Follow the heroic saga of Maya, a psychic medium who works with Caldwell, Montana's sheriff's department to solve murders and missing person cases.

During her journey, Maya also unravels the truth of her real parents she kept hidden deep within herself. Can she survive the demons haunting her night and day and can she really trust those she trusts the most?

Or, will she just become the winged creature in the ruby red sky?

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