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Grim North

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Juliana Andrews is the daughter of Doctors', she is clever and regarded as a school swot; she is sixteen-years-old and she has been abused since she was fourteen. At the age of fifteen, she was convinced to become a tester for heroin. Two months after her sixteenth birthday she dies from an injection of pure Asian White heroin and the people she works for dump her naked dead body on a narrow mountain road in the middle of a freezing night. When the County Major Crimes Unit discovers her, Andy North becomes involved with his usual obsessive manner, his temper and his sarcasm but now he has another problem. He is now the father of a daughter; Astrid, his wife and the County Assistant Pathologist is on maternity leave, his home is full of babies because Ellie Tonbridge also has a baby, a son, and she gathers at the North abode every evening and weekend. Andy feels life is grim for him for his is mostly ignored in his own home. As he sets out to establish the facts of Juliana Andrews death, an-ex soldier assassinates his ex-wife and her mother and Andy wants to know why? He grinds his way through the investigations suffering from bad moods and lack of sleep and the people who employed Juliana have burned down their establishment and run and three people are dead because a doctor couldn't keep her mouth shut. Life is grim. Another in the Alphabetical series of Andy North novels, written so that they can be read in two days.

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