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Sleeping With The Bishop

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Sleeping with The Bishop takes place in the bayous of Louisiana and in New Orleans, a city steeped in secrets — its voodoo, its rhythms, its music—all played out behind its Mardi Gras masks. Side action takes the reader to California’s spas, San Francisco’s baths, Provincetown’s Fantasy Fair, Sydney’s Circular Quay, and Rotorua’s Maori feasts.

Conspiracy, clerical deviancy, financial aberrancy, homosexuality, and pedophilia resonate in this tale of inspiring vows made under a canopy of public pageantry, broken later behind the doors of the archdiocese’s stylish French Provincial seminary. Candle-lit rituals spring more from Caligula than from the rubrics of the Roman Missal. Seduction of the powerful against the powerless is always in full swing.

With psychotic pastors, deviant clerics, a very sexual bishop, an asexual chancellor, and pent-up seminarians, Sleeping with The Bishop has something for everyone. As the powerful scheme to be the proper face of a pious religion, a pro bono lawyer who always gets justice for her causes, becomes a difficult cog in the church’s wheels.

Mafia loans, the super-secret Opus Dei Society, laundered money, lust, and unbridled power, add to the intrigue. Sleeping with The Bishop ends with the murder of three good men and the rise of a demented soul who believes he has finally won the lottery. Sleeping with The Bishop delivers!

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