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Red Fire Day

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Even by day, the demons come out to play, causing disorder and anarchy across the globe. The aftermath of Nadine’s betrayal leaves Maya unsure of which route she will travel: the road with the Honesta, or the path labeled revenge. Is Maya strong enough to take on the tasks she must perform to unleash more of her map? Can she rescue the one with a plan to save the world? What will she do when someone she thought was dead returns?

Follow the heroic saga of Maya, a psychic medium who works with Caldwell, Montana's sheriff's department to solve murders and missing person cases.

During her journey, Maya also reveals the truth of her real parents she kept hidden deep within herself. Can she survive the demons haunting her night and day and can she really trust those she trusts the most?

Or, will she just become the winged creature in the ruby red sky?

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