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Midnight Embers: A Book of Sonnets

111 pages43 minutes


The sonnet is a poetic art form that involves a series of intense moments and deals with the core of human emotions. This collection of sonnets by Poet Laureate, Candice James, takes the reader on a poetic journey that transcends the ordinary or mundane onto a passionate path filled with poignant recollections of love, loss, grief and hope.
The poet weaves a colourful tapestry of words from gentle and gossamer poetic watercolours, painted in transparent pastel palates; through subtle oils with their tactile depth and clarity to altogether ‘darker’ works; pieces from the ‘dark side’ scraped almost violently onto the canvas in gaudy acrylics with a razor edged palate knife.
There is something for everyone in this intriguing and breathtakingly fresh collection to stoke the hidden midnight embers hiding in your heart.

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