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Once Upon a Victorian Christmas

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Three Sweet Historical Christmas stories to warm your heart.

The Christmas Proposal

'Tis the season for matrimony, or so it seems for Aunt Tilda who is intent upon finding a suitor for her young niece Cassandra Barnwell, heiress to Barnwell's Confectionary. Cassandra, a young woman with ideas of her own hatches a clever plan to resist her aunt's efforts but that plan goes awry when young Lord Brandon becomes more than an accessory to her efforts.
An Edwardian era love story that offers the reader a very merry Christmas.

Christmas Stockings

Holly Chamberlain can write love letters for others, but no decent young lady would dare write one for herself. So when her secret beloved, Grayson Clark, vicar at St. Martin in the Pines, arrives at her office with a request to write love letters for a shy friend, she suspects he is actually the friend and the letters are to the granddaughter of a baronet known to admire him. His request for her to replace an injured cast member of St. Martin's production of A Christmas Carol delights her, but the baronet's granddaughter is also in the cast, dashing any hopes Holly has for her own Christmas love story.

Grayson Clark can speak eloquently from the pulpit, but not to Holly Chamberlain, the woman he secretly loves. After all, he's just a vicar while she is the daughter of one of London's wealthiest merchants and known to be admired by an up and coming barrister. Dictating his own love letters to her may be folly but what else can he do? Having her join the cast of A Christmas Carol seemed like a miracle, but now his predecessor is insisting Grayson be attentive to a baronet's granddaughter in order to pay for St. Martin's new roof. Can't vicars have their own happily-ever afters?
After all, it's Christmas.

Star Carol for Celeste

After abandoning her musical career to become a teacher, Celeste Stillwell never thought she would again see Micah Anderson, the man who broke her heart, much less have to work with him. Seeing him again forces her to accept a hard truth-she never stopped loving him. 

Micah Anderson's plans of being a church organist ended under the boots of a drunken lout. Now years later, his hands ruined, he comes face to face with the woman he gave up for another. After all this time, can he convince her to give him another chance or will he go on living a "solo" life?

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