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Felanishe: Episode 1 - Revelation

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It all began a long, long, time ago. Long before the Kings of England took their thrones and even further back through the sands of time than even the Roman Empire.

The story of Felanishe began as far back in time as the imagination can travel, to a time when man had barely begun to live in caves. That is where this story began.

Yet what happened in that time, and the powers that existed in that dim and very distant past, lay hidden, waiting for the right moment to be made known once again. And now as this story begins the moment has arrived. For now is the time when Felanishe breaks through from history to the present day.

A lightning storm, a car boot sale and a boy recovering from a virus, all create the setting that allows Felanishe to enter the modern day world - but what are his intentions?

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