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A Siren's Lure Series



The final installment of book one, Chosen by the Sea.

We pick up with Gemini having to deal with the Seven Seas Council which rules the undersea kingdoms. Queen Thebes is a wicked Siren out to claim all the seas for herself and Gemini is struggling to control her newfound powers while sorting out high school politics. All of this while Gemini tries to rescue her kidnapped parents.

Gemini must try hard to ignore the Captain of the Hockey team who would like to be more than friends. Ash, Gemini's guardian, would like nothing more than to kill all her human friends and tie her to the power of the sea once and for all. 

To top that off Poseidon has made it known to her that he plans to play a key role in her life and Gemini knows first-hand that's not good at all.

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