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KICK-ASS From Basement to Billions: The Story of JUST-EAT and My Life as an Entrepreneur

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In 2000 Jesper Buch sat in Oslo and wanted a pizza. He searched online for a pizzeria, but to no avail.
This gave rise to the idea that later would become Countless hours in a pizza-reeking Toyota Sports Van, constant pressure, and a natural, congenital entrepreneur spirit led him and his team through ups and downs, and when he sold his share of the company ten years later, Just-Eat was a major success, generating billions.
Jesper tells the story, no holds barred, about his wild youth, his showdown with his alcoholic father, and the rise of Just-Eat. Via the story of Just-Eat and the company’s unique atmosphere of accomplishment, he passes on his best pieces of advice to other entrepreneurs. From how to crush the competition to the details of handing over the reins to a new managing director after eight years of round-the-clock work. He talks about motivation, will, and friendship. About doing what it takes – whatever it takes.

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