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Sharp Edges

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Emrick Maddox had no intentions of getting close to anyone, much less the woman hired to bring him down. Tora Crisan just wanted to go home but, what if she was already there? As their worlds collide, they must each make a choice. Walk away or fight to stay together. "What if she comes after you again?" "But, you don't know that she will." "And you don't know that she won't!" Stay or walk away... "That wasn't Tora." Slowly lifting his head, he looked up at Emrick through eyes black with anger. "But somehow, I think you already knew that." "Not at first but then… did you notice the way she was fawning all over me? That's not something Tora would do. That person was not the Tora I know and love. The one that disappeared a few minutes ago, the one freaking out over what she had done… that's the Tora I know. And that's the one I'm going after."

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